My arms

29 Mar

On Sunday I took a huge fall while doing a 10 miler with my dad. We turned onto a gravel road and BAM I fell straight on my face. My arms couldn’t get out in time to stop my face from hitting, and I’ve got some great scratches and bruises on my chin, nose, hands and knees to prove it. Yesterday and today my arms have felt like I went lifting for a few hours – they are so unbelievably sore. The plan was to do EA active arm work last night… given how sore and tired my arms felt, I passed. Instead the husband and I made homemade vegetarian burritos (black beans, rice, onions, salsa and cheedar cheese – YUM), took care of some budgetary stuff and I sat promptly on the couch to watch Real Housewives of OC on the DVR (while he went and played XBox – I’d never force him to sit through that, haha).

Tonight the plan calls for a 30 minute run, I feel like I just need to get out there and run again.Β  We’ll see how I feel though.


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