Banana Muffins

6 Apr

I came home from work and it was rainy and gross, but I was feeling super motivated. I banged out what felt like a quick 30 minutes running around the neighborhood. It was great. Spent the rest of the evening sitting on my butt, it was just what I needed. Today was a running rest day.

As I left for work today I looked longingly at 3 bananas in my fruit bowl that had seen better days. Instead of forcing myself to eat them plain, I opted to bake them into something awesome. After some research I found a recipe for banana muffins that includes a brown sugar crumb top, mmm. I just finished pulling them out of the oven and they look divine! Just need to wait for them to cool before I pull them out of the muffin tin.

The most exciting thing about baking these muffins was the slew of new baking goodies I got to use that we got for the wedding. We didn’t unpack any wedding gifts until a month ago (and 5 months post-wedding) since we figured there was no point. So tonight I got to use, for the first time, my brown sugar bear, my new muffin pan, my muffin storage carrier thingy and my KITCHEN AID MIXER. It was so great!


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