Superfast groceries

11 Apr

Hello hello.  Wow the weekend flew by!

My banana muffins tasted as great as they looked, I’m going to have to figure out how to post a picture on here so I can show you and share the recipe!

My current work schedule allows me to alternate between taking a full day off friday and taking a half day off on friday. This friday was my off day – yay! I woke up early with the husband and spent some time in front of the TV doing Yoga from the On Demand menu. wowsa, my hamstrings were tight! I was taking yoga weekly before we moved and I have to find another place to take it now so I can get back to it regularly. I feel such a difference just from doing it once. Until I can find a class to take I’m going to stick with On Demand for sure.  After yoga I took a quick shower and then met up with a high school friend of mine for breakfast. Veggie omelet, english muffin and a fruit cup – perfect for a friday off of work breakfast.

Then my day went a little crazy. The plan was to go to the grocery store, go home and unpack the groceries, clean a little, and then go to a 2:30 doctors appointment. I was planning to go grocery shopping after breakfast but realized I didn’t have a pen – and I really needed one. Our list was so long I knew I’d forget stuff if I didn’t have something to cross it off with. Luckily my parents live near the restaurant so I stopped by to go borrow/steal a pen from their place. I opened the door and my dad scared the crap out of me – I had no idea he was working from home friday. We chatted and caught up for about half an hour, and as I was leaving, I realized I needed an oil change and this was a great opportunity to stop at Valvoline and get one. So I ran there, got an oil change and started driving to Wegmans. Then my dad called and said my brother had stopped at home and wanted to see if I wanted to get lunch. My brothers away at school so I thought, this sounds like fun. Keeping in mind that I had a 2:30 doctors appointment to get to. So we meet for lunch at a local brewery – I get a personal margarita pizza but only eat about half because I’m still super full from breakfast. After lunch I head to the grocery store. It’s 12:45 at this point. I have a little less than 3 hours to grocery shop, stop at home to unpack, and get to the doctor. I have a HUGE list of things to buy so I literally ran through Wegmans grabbing stuff off of shelves and throwing it into the cart, and somehow made it out of there in 45 minutes with a cart full (a full sized cart, not one of those small carts). I get back to the apartment around 2, unpack, and then leave to get to the doctor. After my doctors appointment I had to run back to Wegmans and pick up a few things I forgot (including Burritos for dinner) since I was in such a rush. whew. Thank goodness this town is small and theres very little traffic.  Definitely not a relaxing day off though, that’s for sure!

A few other highlights from the weekend: Husband got his Pennsylvania license plate and registration without having to go to the DMV – yay for AAA! We mailed our taxes which was the best feeling ever, glad that’s done. I signed up for the Air Force 10k in September – my moms going to do the 10k with me and my dad will be doing the half. I was tempted to sign up for the half but I have a horrible time training for anything in the summer because of the heat, so I figured the 10k was a safer bet. I’m also looking at another half in October… hopefully I’ll make a decision on that one soon.  Exercise wise I did a 6 miler with my dad on Saturday and did an EA Active custom work out that I made that really works my arms and abs on Sunday. I’m feeling my abs and arms for sure today!


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