Grandmas and their sweets

13 Apr

Here they are! My new running shoes. gorgeous huh? I ran a couple steps on the treadmill to make sure they are keepers and they felt awesome. Can’t wait to run in them tomorrow! and the pink is SO pink. they’re perfect. πŸ™‚ I’m excited to run them in the 5k this weekend too.

I had grand plans to get up early to do my arms n abs workout on EA active this morning but I couldn’t fall asleep last night – I just kept waking up! So waking up this morning didn’t happen but I managed to squeeze in arms n abs right when I got home from work. After a superfast shower the Husband and I went to dinner at my grandmas to eat with her and my mom. She had tossed salad, home made rolls and a veggie lasagne. She also had some homemade italian dressing which was delicious. My grandma always has tons of desserts (what grandma doesn’t right?) so I had a little bit of strawberry roll and a homemade cookie. She sent a lot of goodies back with us – leftover lasagne, cookies, strawberry roll and a box of Thin Mints. I’m thinking some of the cookies and strawberry roll are going to be going with me to work tomorrow – there’s just too much for us to eat!


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