Hey, I put my new shoes on

14 Apr

One of my cats is currently “mosh poshing” on my stomach as I try to type. haha.

I did my first run in my new shoes today. It took a little time to get used to them but they’re great overall. Just gotta adjust a little bit. Running in new shoes is always awesome because you feel like you’re running on clouds. 🙂

Dinner was simple – just left overs! Left over veggie lasagne and veggie stir fry. Weird combo huh? Husband added a smart dog to the mix too, haha. Over dinner we planned out our meals for next week and I just spent some time looking for coupons online and I managed to find quite a few. One thing I always try to do is look at the coupons I have after we plan our meals. That way it’s less tempting to buy things just because we have a coupon. Instead we buy things we really need, and if we can find a coupon, great, if not, that’s okay too. It works out well for us. I’ll go grocery shopping tomorrow after I get off of work (only have to do a half day). After I go shopping I’m hoping to get a run in, so that Saturday I can rest and do yoga before my 5k on Sunday.

Speaking of the 5k, I was slightly perturbed because I looked up the course – which I had been assuming hadn’t changed since last year – and unfortunately it’s a loop in the opposite direction. Last year when I ran this race I PRed by like 2 minutes, I was so psyched. I was hoping to at least match if not beat my time this time around. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s going to happen now because the race was a gradual down hill the whole way, and this time it’s a gradual up hill. Major bummer.

Oh well, I’m off to snack on another banana muffin and watch The Office with the hubby!


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