Gnomeo & redemption

20 Apr

The husband and I went to see Gnomeo and Juliet last night at the dollar theater. It was cute, and had a ton of adult jokes which kept it entertaining. It was perfect for the dollar theater experience. We spent a total of $4 last night for 2 movie tickets, popcorn and a drink. Can we say awesome??

Breakfast today was a danon blueberry greek yogurt. The husband and I were really lazy last night and decided not to pack lunches and just to order it through a program both our offices offer (we work in the same organization just in different areas and buildings). I ordered a veggie flatbread and an order of onion rings. I wouldn’t normally order onion rings but I needed to spend a little more so that they’d deliver it for free and it was the only thing that really appealed to me. The flatbread was HUGE. It was filled with some provalone, chopped black and green olives (black olives are one of my fav foods!), onions, roasted red peppers, tomatos and lettuce. I ate about half of it and 4-6 onion rings before throwing the rest of the rings and putting the second half in the fridge to bring home.

When I got home I wanted to go for a run. The weather was nice and I Was feeling good. But about 5 minutes into the run I felt those onion rings. UGH. I cut my planned 30 minutes down to 15 and made the mental note that I’m seriously never going to eat something that fried again because it cost me my run. I got home and was a little bummed so I immediately turned on EA active and did Arms n Abs. I felt somewhat redeemed. Tomorrow I’ll give the run another try.

I still feel gross and bloated from the fried grossness so I just had some rice for dinner with a little teriyaki sauce. I’ll probably have a bowl of granola and some rice milk in a few minutes. What can ya do. Sometimes bad food decisions go okay, sometimes they don’t.


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