Happy Weekend!

23 Apr

Happy Weekend, Happy Belated Earth Day and Happy Early Easter! My weekend is going pretty damn good so far.

Yesterday I had off of work so I got up early with the husband and got in some errands, and then did abs n arms followed by Polly’s Runners Yoga. Wow my hamstrings are tight! Then I met my grandma and brother for lunch at Red Lobster. I’m still trying to figure out how I fall on the fish thing with being a vegetarian/pescatarian. I know this can be a blurry and controversial line. I don’t eat fish regularly unless there is nothing else available on the menu. But shell fish is where I struggle. On one hand it bothers me to eat shell fish when I think about what I’m eating. But it’s difficult for me to cut out crab and lobster. Shrimp I’ve almost cut from my diet partially because I feel pretty sick after I eat it. I know I *should* cut out crab and lobster but I guess for now I’ve been taking baby steps and slowly minimizing it in my diet. So yesterday I was put in a situation where my grandmother really wanted Red Lobster and I wasn’t about to tell her no on my account. I ordered a cup of Lobster Bisque, which is new on their menu and super awesome. Then I ordered Jambalaya which came with sausage and shrimp, so I asked them to not put the sausage in, and I just ate a few of the shrimp. What can ya do.

This morning I woke up super early (6:30am) and met my dad for a run at 8am. The Cleveland Half is coming up in 3 weeks and I need to get in a few long runs to build my confidence. We banged out 9 miles, with a couple walk breaks. I felt pretty good with the exception of some serious GI issues around mile 1.5 and my achy shin. I need to ice that sucker a bunch today. The hubby and I are going to leave soon to go to our favorite Indian restaurant ever, I can’t wait. Then we’ve got a few errands to run and it’s back to the apartment to relax and straighten up and finish laundry. Then we’ve got the Easter Vigil at our church tonight at 8pm until late.


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