Adjustments needed

4 May

It was great being able to focus on making dinner, cleaning, packing lunches and relaxing last night with running out of the way. I’m going to give it a good effort to keep it up. That being said, today is a rest day so I got to sleep a little later. Though I’m feeling a little guilty and lazy so I may try to get in abs n arms this evening.

Lunch was a can of Wolfgang Puck’s organic corn chowder. That stuff is awesome! I added some cubes of tofu too to add a little more protein to it. I also had some baby spinach with a little bit of Parmesan Italian dressing, a Babybel cheese and some Annie’s Organic Bunny Cracker Snack Mix. I think the plan for dinner is to make vegetarian “cheesesteaks” using morningstar’s beef crumbles. Should be yummy.

I’ve had a headache from mid day yesterday and it’s been so exhausting. I’m drinking lots of water in case that’s at the route of it, but wowsa some relief would be nice. I’m also feeling pretty exhausted from my early mornings this week. I think I need to adjust my bedtime accordingly. I missed out on sleeping in this past weekend with moving the husbands stuff and the long run I needed to fit in. Hopefully sunday morning of this weekend it’ll be me just be me and my bed. ๐Ÿ™‚


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