Race preparations

12 May

As a follow up, my run on Tuesday afternoon was fabulous. It felt easy and the weather was perfect. I’m sure it also has to do with the fact that I’ve been drinking so much water this week to prep for Sunday’s half. Speaking of Sunday, I’m starting to get pretty excited. I have off of work tomorrow and then Saturday at 7:30am my dad and I are leaving for the drive to Cleveland.

I checked the weather this morning for Sunday and it looks like it’s going to be cloudy and low to mid 60s from 7am (the official start) until 10am (when I’ll probably cross the finish). Then there are thunderstorms in the weather for later in the day. I’m hoping that the rain will hold off until I’m done. The cloudy and slightly cooler weather earlier in the morning may make it about PERFECT. The sun and I really don’t get along well.

This morning I wrote up a list of everything I need to pack for saturday (driving there & the expo) and sunday (the race, gear check, and the drive back). I feel like I always end up packing SO much extra when I go somewhere for a race. Better safe than sorry I guess!

Exercise wise I did my last run on Tuesday – 30 minutes followed by walking up the super high hill in our backyard. Yesterday I did abs n arms which felt great. After work today I have my first Yoga class of the session! I can’t wait to get back into it. I’m just going to take it super easy so I won’t make myself sore. I’m pretty excited though.

Only one notable meal that we made last night. Vegetarian chicken parm!  We took the Quorn Garlic & Herb Chik’n Cutlets and covered them with a little marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. I also made some leftover pasta for the side. They were awesome and super filling. Last time we got the Chik’n Patties by accident. The Patties come 4 to a box, whereas the Cutlets only come 2 to a box and the boxes cost the same amount. They tasted pretty much the same so I think from now on we’ll just get the Patties to get more bang for our buck.

That’s all for now, hopefully I’ll have some time to check in tomorrow but I make no promises. 🙂


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