What’s up next?

18 May

I’m still riding the post-race high so forgive another race based post. I forgot to post here but May 11th was my two year runniversary! I’ve come a long way from my very first run. Looking ahead, here’s what I have planned coming up.

5/30 – Memorial Day Run — I might run this 4 miler. It all depends if I feel up to it. It’s pretty hilly but a 4 mile race is something new, it’s cheap and it’s local.

7/4 – Firecracker 4k — The town I live in has a 4k on July 4th to go along with the whole firework celebration. I ran this last year and all I can remember is that it was HOT.

7/17 – 10k — A local 10k. I ran this last year after attending a wedding the night before and it was a disaster. It’s super hilly and I was dehydrated and exhausted. This year, the goal is to train for it properly and feel great as I cross the finish line.

9/17 – Air Force 10k — We’re taking a family road trip to Ohio again for the Air Force Marathon races. I’m super excited. I was tempted to sign up for the half but last time I had to train in the heat for a half it was an absolute disaster, so I settled for the 10k. I hope I don’t regret my decision. I keep thinking I should switch to the half and then I remind myself it’s okay not to run the half and just do the 10k. agh.

10/16 – Hershey Half Marathon — This is a new addition! I signed up to run a half in Hershey PA – home of Hershey chocolate! I had been planning to sign up but kept putting it off. But in my post-race high I signed up. I’m psyched!

I would also love to do another Disney race, I just don’t know if it’s in the cards this year though. Also on my hope-to-do-someday list is RnR Las Vegas Halfย and the Pittsbugh Half. Someday, hopefully, I’ll get to run those.


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