Sunday Funday

22 May

Wow I’ve been a little bit of a posting slacker. whoops! That’s life I guess.

Friday I went to work for the morning and had the afternoon off. So I spent the afternoon running a million and two errands and the afternoon dealing with two more baking flops. That’s right. That brings the grand total of my recent baking flops to four. I had grand plans to make lemon bars – I bought fresh lemons to squeeze and was excited to hand mix the crust, etc. However, somehow I managed to make a meringue instead of the lemon part of the bars. Awesome. It even expanded and exploded all over my oven. super awesome. So after the hubby got home we decided we really wanted some homemade sweets so we made mixed up snickerdoodles. All was going grand until they came out of the oven and were burnt on the bottoms. As in, burnt-and-tastes-like-charcoal burnt. We even tried turning the oven down, and ended up with partially-cooked-burnt-charcoal-like cookies. Needless to say I think I’ve given up on baking in our apartment oven.

Yesterday, luckily, was not filled with any baking. My brother graduated from his 5 year masters program so we spent the morning at the ceremony. It was more sunny that I expected and now I have a super gorgeous V shaped red sunburnt area on my back from my dress. I felt like such an idiot for not having foresaw that I would need sunscreen. After the graduation my brother had the random idea of going to Hershey’s Chocolate World to ride their chocolate making ride (his school is very close to Hershey, PA). So before I knew it we were riding around their mock-factory and getting free Hershey’s chocolate samples. It was so random but a pretty fun detour. We had dinner at a seafood restaurant.  I had a shrimp tempura sushi roll, caesar salad and I side of lobster mac and cheese (it is so awesome you have get it when you go there). Dessert was a slice of graduation cake that my parents ordered from our amazing wedding cake baker.

This morning I finally slept in, for the first time in two weeks. It felt awesome. I made french toast for us for breakfast, which luckily wasn’t a flop. After that the hubby and I worked on straightening up and doing dishes and laundry. I just got back from a two mile run + hill climb and am chilling watching Confessions of a Shopaholic on tv and getting ready to heat up some Organic Speghettios for lunch. Later on we’ll be heading to my parents place for a cook out. Or cook in, depending on the weather.


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