I’ve gotta plan

24 May

Well this week has definitely started. Yesterday was Monday, and it was crappy, as many Mondays are. But I’m not going to go into the details here and just be glad that it is indeed Tuesday and we are one day closer to the holiday weekend!

I woke up early to get a run in – did about 2.6 miles by doing a new loop through the neighborhood. I was hoping for a full 3 but my garminΒ  didn’t find satellites until about 5 minutes into running so I wasn’t sure how far I had gone. I recently went over to Runner’s World’s Smart Coach tool and set up a plan to get me to my 10k in mid July. I’m hoping that since I don’t have to focus on distance right now I can focus more on speed and hopefully get a little faster over the next 8 weeks.Β  So even though I was supposed to run yesterday, I was lazy (I admit it) and I just woke up early to fit the run in. Thursdays are my Yoga days so that will fit perfectly in this running plan, as will some abs n arms work. Here’s what this week should look according to the plan.

In training for races in the past, I always started with a plan (usually Hal Hidgeon’s plans work well for me). Usually I just use it as a guideline of the type of runs to fit into the week, but I may mix around the specific days I run on. As far as long runs go, I’m usually pretty happy if I can get in a long run early Saturday morning. This isn’t always possible though so I’ll fit it in Sunday if I need to. There’s just no better feeling than getting a run out of the way early in the weekend and then taking a full on lay-on-the-couch-and-don’t-exercise-at-all-rest-day on Sunday. So I expect I’ll end up using this Smart Coach plan as a guideline and work in runs during the week as I can make them fit in my schedule.


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