Let’s start the holiday

27 May

Good morning!It’s Friiiiday!

Breakfast all this week has been Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal and some rice milk – a nice change from my typical greek yogurt picks. I think I’m over the Greek yogurt thing for a while. I guess eating Greek yogurt for 6+ months straight every week day morning will burn you out.

So you know that training plan I posted in the last entry? Take a guess how many times I’ve run since I last posted? Zero.Β  It sounds silly but I just haven’t felt like running. and since I’m not in hard-core training mode I figured this week I would just listen to myself, and if I didn’t want to run, I wouldn’t. I actually feel pretty rejuvenated today – probably the combination of some personal stuff finally clearing up, and also because I gave my body a rest this week. I’m getting out of work at 2pm today so the hope – or intention at least – is to knock out my tempo run after I get home. By the way, I haven’t done much cross training either – just Yoga last night.

The hubby is actually at home and being lazy today – he wanted to have a full on 4-day weekend. Can’t say I’m not jealous about that πŸ™‚ But we have some fun things planned for the long weekend, including seeing a good friend get ordained into the Lutheran Church (how friggin cool is that?!), hiking, meeting up with some friends, my brothers birthday celebration and relaxation.


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