3 Jun

It’s friday!! I spent the evening after work getting my eyebrows waxed (holy cow did they need it!), and running a bazillion errands. When I got home finally, I ate some Wegmans veggie w. brown rice sushi around 6:30 and also had a whole bunch of the amazingness you see to the right. It’s an Asian Noodle salad – I’m not fully sure what’s in it because my mom made it, and she made us a TON of it. I’ve been snacking on it all week. I know for sure that it has pieces of ramen noodles, shelled sunflower seeds, cabbage and some sort of soy sauce and oil mixture. Its DE-LICIOUS! After eating dinner I got the laundry started and finished up my wedding bouquet project. I had previously sprayed my bouquet and the hubby’s boutonniere with Krylon acrylic spray which really made the (admittedly white) colors pop. After letting it dry I filled one of the vases we used for the candy table at our wedding with fake rose petals you can get in the craft store. I then put the hubbys boutonniere in the vase so that it would be visible and then put my bouquet in so it stood up properly. It looks awesome. I did the same thing with one of the bridesmaid bouquets too. Those bouquets were green, purple and fuchsia so they really popped after the acrylic dried.

As far as the rest of the weekend, I’m getting in a run early tomorrow morning and running a few more errands. Then I’ll be coming back home to pack for an overnight trip I have planned sunday to monday. I’ll share the details about that trip after it’s over 🙂


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