Saturday Morning Run

4 Jun

It’s not even noon and I feel so accomplished – I love that feeling! At 8 my dad and I went for a 5 mile run. I ran into some serious GI issues around mile 1 (what else is new, argh) but was able to take a walk break and recover and finish out the planned five. I realized that during the cleveland half, when I had NO GI issues whatsoever I had a banana before the race. Last weekend for the memorial day race I ran into issues and I didn’t have a banana. This morning? I took no banana. Lesson learned! Hopefully making sure to have a banana an hour before a run will help avoid GI issues in the future. We will see.

After my run I had to run to USPS and Target so I didn’t get to eat right away. Needless to say when I got home I was STARVING. After a quick shower I heated up some leftover vegetarian sloppy joe and put it on a whole wheat sandwich thin. I’ve been waiting for the food to “hit” my stomach, but it still hasn’t so I think I’m going to go make lunch #2.

I’m off to pack, finish up laundry, and plan a future blog post for tomorrow since I most likely won’t have time to post a “live” one.

Happy Saturday!


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