Everything in slow-mo

8 Jun

I feel like I’ve been in a haze all day yesterday and all day today. The hubby seems to think I’m low on iron since my supplements ran out last week and I’m procrastinating on refilling because of the cost. He may be right. I haven’t had the energy to do much around the house, much less exercise and I doubt this is still the result of a super crazy night on Sunday at the concert. So we’ll be heading to the health food store after work today to pick up my iron supplements.

I didn’t even have the energy to make up my egg salad for my sandwiches this week, so I’m going to have to get on that tonight. Lunches have been soup from the pantry and salad. Nothing exciting.

In other news, our second CSA box came yesterday.

The contents:

  • Romaine – cut up for salads
  • Green Onions – cut up for salads
  • Asparagus – we’re planning on marinating in EVOO, salt and pepper and baking it for a side sometime this week
  • Bok Choy – I really don’t know what to do with this (besides make chinese food or soup) – it’s too hot out for soup. Any suggestions?

A concert recap with photos will be coming soon, promise. When I get my energy back.


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