Lets do the Friday dance

10 Jun

Its friiiiday! My favorite day of the week!

Any good plans for the weekend?

The hubby and I are going to take it pretty low key – we have to clean the apartment hard core, I’m hoping to get a run in (since it’s been a week – ugh) and maybe go for a hike. I’ve been feeling much better – my energy levels have been higher and I haven’t been as groggy. I still haven’t run since last saturday because I wanted to give myself time to recoup properly. I had yoga yesterday for an hour and that’s been it exercise-wise. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into exercising tomorrow. I really just think I needed the time off, so I listened to my body and did it.

Sometimes it’s really hard for me to stop and take a breather. I put a lot of pressure on myself to exercise frequently (and do other things in daily life), and I’ve realized I need to relax with it sometimes. I need to remind myself that if the dishes sit in the sink overnight it’s no big deal. If I don’t feel like running so I skip it, it’s no big deal.

I did book my hotel for the Hershey Half Marathon today (55 bucks for one night – SWEET. gotta love the middle-of-nowhere PA!) so that was a nice way to pump myself back up and get back on the exercise wagon.


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