Thursday Thoughts

16 Jun

Good morning! Just wanted to put up a quick post to talk about a few random thoughts and eats from yesterday.

I couldn’t get up yesterday morning to run – every bone in my body told me to hit the snooze when my alarm went off at 5am. I slept “in” until 7am. And you know what? I felt like crap ALL day. I was super tired and groggy all day. Today I woke up at 5am and got in a run and I feel great. I just have to keep reminding myself that I’ll never regret getting up and exercising in the morning, I’ll only regret it if I don’t. And that my body seems to function better with a 5am wake up than a 7am one. Go figure. Today I banged out 40 mins of running and the weather was cool so I hardly broke a sweat. It was a pretty awesome run.

Yesterday I was focused on getting back on track with eating after being at a work conference Monday & Tuesday. I had Wegman’s brand grape nuts for breakfast because I’m also tracking my iron intake on myfitnesspal to see if it helps my energy level. They were a little bland but I found if I let them sit for a little bit in the milk they softened and tasted better. Lunch was an egg salad sandwich and some romaine lettuce. Snacks included a babybell cheese, half a banana and a Cocoa Crunch Iron Girl bar. These bars are awesome, I highly recommend them. Though I like the Strawberryย Cranberry one the best, the chocolate was a little too chocolatey for me. The Stawberry Cranberry one has a lot of oats and pieces of dried fruit. YUM. Dinner was easy – pasta with rosa sauce.

The hubby and I also started talking about our TV service and whether we really need to keep paying $50+ a month for it and the DVR. More on that later…


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