Happy Friday

24 Jun

Happy Friday!

This morning started off with a quick interval run on the treadmill – 5 minutes running, 5 minutes quick incline walk x 3.  Then I went to Wegmans to get the grocery shopping done. I picked up the usual stuff and finally a few fun things (I blame my empty stomach) – 1. Honey Stingers energy gels – I’ve been looking forever – so I picked them up – can’t wait to do a long run to try them out! 2. I also grabbed a couple pretzel rolls (they’re amazinggg) for the hubby and I to snack on. 3. I saw wraps sitting by the bread and their nutritition facts checked out so I figured I’d give them a shot instead of bread or sandwich thins for lunch. I’ve needed a switch up anyhow.

I met my grandma for brunch after shopping at a local breakfast place. And again, I was a bad blogger and neglected to get a photo, but I had 2 pieces of french toast, one egg scrambled and a fruit cup. It hit the spot.

Since then I’ve taken care of calling the cable company to cancel our service, laundry, packing for a quick trip tonight and makign some basic rice for a quick “snack.”

I’m off to watch some Glee (I’m almost through season one) and finish packing. I probably won’t be able to check in tomorrow but look for something interesting (and hopefully photos) on Sunday.


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