28 Jun

Tuesday mornings are always better than Monday mornings 🙂

Yesterday was pretty decent for a Monday though. I let myself “sleep in” (until 7am) and the work day went pretty quickly. Notable eats included a strawberry cranberry iron girl bar (I’m addicted, it’s official) and an egg salad wrap (no picture sorry).

I know I’ve shown pictures of the view from my cube before. I have a huge window and I can see the parking lot and a huge field past it. Yesterday the sky was clear and the sun was shining. And best of all there were cows in the field! Okay, okay, it’s not that exciting since I live in central PA but I kept looking over to check up with them all day haha. There were probably half a dozen babies that were so cute. Definitely made my day a little more exciting and entertaining. I tried to get a picture with my phone but I’m not sure it worked so well… the big dark spot under the tree is the main herd. And then that little black  fleck on the right side is one that was a loner and munching on grass by himself.

After work I did another interval workout on the treadmill even though it was gorgeous outside. I’m just that addicted to these interval workouts right now! 5 minutes running, 5 minutes walking on max incline, repeated three times. Quick and super sweaty.

Dinner was vegetarian chicken parm!! The hubby and I are so addicted to this meal, we make it every week or two – maybe even every week lately? It’s just so good and so filling. It’s even better when we have a little left over pasta to make with it 🙂

Today I started out the day with abs n arms at 6am. Came to work where we were having a retirement party complete with bagels, donuts & fruit. I had a ton of fruit and a bagel. I swear my office is like carb-heaven.

How do you control your eating when you’re at work surrounded by not-so-great food choices?


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