More baked goods

7 Jul

Man oh man, work is pretty hectic right now.

Yesterday after work I had grand plans of getting a lot of chores done because the next week are so are going to be pretty hectic. But my body thought otherwise. I ended up getting a bad stomach ache around 4pm right when I was heading home. So I spent the evening on the couch drifting on and off to sleep and letting the dishes continue to pile up in the sink. I got a TON of sleep last night, and slept through my alarm. I guess my body was telling me something? so no morning exercise today.

This morning at work was filled with lots of running around and some of this:Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. wowsa. This office always seems to find an excuse to have cake and baked goods, I swear.

Lunch was a veggie curry evol wrap. I saw it in the store and kept wanting to buy it but the price kept me away (they’re close to $5 if I remember right). I finally gave in and it was so tasty! My favorite part of this one is that the wrap itself was actually curry flavored! What a unique way to add a punch of flavor.

Time to get back to work!!


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