Catching my breath

12 Jul

Wow. The past few days have been pretty busy, and the rest of the week promises to the be the same.

First, I’m trying to rest up and fuel properly for my 10k on Sunday. Last year it kicked my butt and I’m super determined to feel better while running it this year. I’ve prepped by running the course two times and this week I’m hydrating like I normally do before a half. I’ve been drinking lots of store brand sports drink and water.

Yesterday at work was pretty crazy. We were elevating a website that had been in the making for about two years. I spent all day in a room with the team waiting for it to go live and testing links and the design once it was live.

After work I went to the doctor about some digestive issues I’ve been having. I also don’t have a Primary Care Physician here yet so I wanted to establish myself with one anyhow. The doctor was really nice, she spent about 40 minutes with my asking about my family history and symptoms that I experience now. I’ve been having an issue where about once a week I get a stabbing pain on the left side of my abdomen, right under my ribs. There’s been no pattern with it happening after I eat specific food, so I’m not sure what’s causing it. I’ve also been experiencing low energy and I’m not sure what’s causing it.  The doctor talked through a lot of ideas that she though could be contributing to it, and recommended that I go in for some blood work where they will check my iron levels, thyroid and a bunch of other stuff, as well as for Celiac’s, since my mom has this and it can be hereditary since it is genetic. Since I became a vegetarian about two years ago I haven’t had blood work done so I think it’ll be helpful to get it done to make sure I’m getting enough of the necessary nutrients in my body. I’m going to head to a walk-in place to get my blood work done on Friday, and then I have a follow-up with the doctor a week or so later. Hopefully we can get this all figured out!

Once I got home from the appointment I was feeling pretty drained and was planning to do some treadmill intervals but I got up there, ran 5 minutes and called it quits. Instead I did my Abs n Arms routine, and added some squats in for good measure.

This morning I woke up early and did the same routine again – my legs and arms are definitely feeling it now!

So that was only my Monday… tonight I’ve got more errands to run, including getting together the hubby’s one year anniversary present and picking up our next CSA box. Then tomorrow and Thursday we’re going to spend beginning to work through the process of getting pre-qualified and getting a general idea of what type of house we ultimately want to buy.


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