Running despite…

18 Jul

Around 3pm today I started having some stomach cramps, like I’ve been getting for about the past year and am finally seeing a doctor about. I had planned to go for a run, and in my head I kept going between wanting to lay on the couch with a cramp or ignoring it and going for a run anyhow. As the hubby and I drove home it started looking like it was going to rain – and rain hard.

As I looked outside and said to the hubby “you know what, screw the weather, screw my cramp, I’m going for a run.”

And I did! and it didn’t rain, and my cramp WENT AWAY! The 30 minutes flew by and I was feeling super sweaty (I partially blame the 80 degree weather, partially blame my sweaty genetics) and tired by the end!

You never regret a run. I’ve GOT to keep reminding myself of that!

The only downside is my aching shin and my date with the ice pack for the evening. 🙂


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