Not a morning runner

21 Jul

Sauteing veggies is my new obsession. After the hubby and I picked up our CSA box this week we spent about 45 minutes cleaning and chopping and ton of zuchini and yellow squash. Making our typical veggie stir fry wasn’t going to use it all up so I figured I’d experiment with sauteing them as a side dish for our meals this week. Last night I broke the BRAT diet and sauteed up some zuchini and yellow squash with curry powder and a little bit of salt and pepper. I LOVE curry, so it was delicious as far as I was concerned. I also had a little bit of left over mac n cheese. I also put in 40 minutes on the treadmill (running outside in 90 degree weather =/= fun) alternating 5 mins running, 5 mins brisk hill walking.

I had to stop myself from eating it to take this photo πŸ™‚

The hubby was out last night with some coworkers so I spent the evening relaxing and watching Glee (I’m onto season 2 now)!

I’ve realized that until I figure out what it is that’s causing me to feel so exhausted all the time it’s really not the best idea to exercise in the morning. As much as IΒ  love getting a run out of the way first thing, my body is just craving that extra 1.5 hrs of sleep right now. Hopefully my dr. appt on monday will clear some of this up.

Lunch today was a frozen morningstar entree meal thingy. I’m not a huge fan of these types of meals (just look at the ingredients, yikes) but they’re good in a pinch and I just wasn’t feeling my typical packed lunch stuff today.

I’ve got a happy hour with some coworkers this evening, and I’m hoping to get in some at-home yoga or abs n arms once I get home.

Hope your Thursday is treating you well! It’s almost the weekend!


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