Welcoming a rainy Monday

25 Jul

As much as I hate when its rainy and gloomy, especially on a Monday, the rain is more than welcome today! Hopefully it’ll cool things down (and by cool, I mean it’ll only be in the 80s).

Apologies for the blog silence over the weekend! Saturday the hubby and I ran to NJ to visit his family and take care of some things. It was still crazy HOT out there but we packed lots of munchies so driving there and back in one day wasn’t too shabby. We did have one unfortunate occurrence though – I (stupidly) left my luna protein bar in the car for a total of maybe 5 minutes and it got all melty and deformed. I decided to snack on it anyhow this morning though. Gooey or not it still tasted great and filled me up! πŸ™‚

We got back late on Saturday and then spent yesterday chillin and bakin and relaxin and moving watchin. Nothing too exciting but it was still a nice “bum around” type of day.

Well I’m off to eat my lunch and then it’s off to the doctor to hopefully figure out what’s up with my energy levels lately!

And one more thing, don’t forget to head over to Meals and Moves to bid on some amazing goodies to help support Susan! Just click the banner to be taken to more info!


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