Back for some thanks

4 Aug

Well hello there again. I took a brief break – there’s been a lot going on lately (things that I’m not quite ready to divulge here) and there hasn’t been a minute of downtime. When there finally was last night I took that minute (okay maybe it was 45 minutes) to breathe (and watch Real Housewives of NJ) and not blog (sorry but not really). Enough parentheses for you?

Anyhow, I follow Ali’s blog and I love how she and others does Thankful Thursdays. I think it’s a great way to stop and not get caught up in all the drama that sometimes fills life. So with that… the first edition of Thankful Thursdays plus a bonus of weaving in what I’ve been up to the past week or so.

I’m thankful for Thursdays. They’re almost the weekend afterall, but not quite.

I’m thankful for the delicious fruit available at my grocery store. I made the yummiest green monster the other day with an apple! Apples taste great in a smoothie πŸ™‚ Next I’m going to try to recreate an amazing smoothie I had a few years ago with apple, pineapple and strawberries (and I’ll add some spinach too).

I’m thankful for eggs. I’ve hit a major rut in my breakfast food. I greek yogurt-ed myself out. And I’m cereal and granola-d out. At the store yesterday I picked up some bagel things, and steamed an egg. Put them together = delicious and nutritious breakfast this morning.

I’m thankful for my good friends. Who I will see in a matter of hours. Fun times will be had this weekend! I cannot wait!

I’m thankful for wine. I’ll just repeat what I said above – fun times will be had this weekend! I cannot wait! πŸ˜‰

I’m thankful for whoever invented the chocolate peanut butter combination and put it in an M&M. I can buy a pack and it lasts me forever because having a few M&Ms as a pick me up (and PMS reducer…tmi sorry) just makes me happy.

I’m thankful for my husband making a bet with me that if I woke up in the morning to run twice this week he’d give me a massage. I won the bet! I guess I just needed a little motivation. πŸ™‚

And… I’m off! The blog will probably be pretty quiet this weekend but I’ll try to check in Sunday or Monday.


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