Make. this. now.

8 Aug

I spent the weekend at a cabin in the middle of the central PA woods with some great friends from college. We reminisced. We drank. We ate. I actually squeezed a run in. And I’ll get into it a little more in the next post, but in the meantime I had to share this awesome smoothie recipe that I made yesterday after we got home in an effort to detox from the alcohol, chips, cookies, etc from the weekend. I was craving some fresh fruit!

In the mix:


frozen strawberries

apple pieces (I cut the skin off too)

a splash of rice milk

Blend. (I used my trusty magic bullet but anything would work.)

YUMMMMM. So yummy it tastes like dessert! and the color = a gorgeous PINK!

Next time I think I’ll add some spinach and ground flax to up to the nutrition content and it’ll change the color too. Hopefully the taste will be just as delicious though!

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