Weekend at the cabin

9 Aug

Once a year I get together with a bunch of my best friends from college (and their significant others) and we head out into the middle of central PA to a hunting cabin. We have so much fun “roughing it” (but not so much), exploring, making campfires, sleeping 4 people to a room and drinking lots of alcoholic beverages. πŸ™‚

Some highlights from this year:

We got into town on Thursday night this year. I woke up early Friday to get in a run at the hotel and we spent Friday exploring the town we went to college in.

We took some silly pictures…

and ate at a local pub that makes the best black bean burgers ever (I swear there’s a burger under the lettuce).

Friday evening we drove to the cabin and played lots of Taboo while learning how amazing Firefly Sweet Tea vodka is. We made an easy dinner of pasta and salad and went outside to make a campfire.

Smores were eaten. More drinks were had. Then we went back inside to play Cranium until late.

Saturday we explored a nearby stream in the rain (the rain was on and off all day – kind of annoying, kind of fun). Then we went to a nearby cavern that you can take guided tours of.

I’m claustrophobic and this is the first time in a while I actually felt sick doing something because of the phobia. ugh. It was fun to do with friends but I’m not sure I’d do it again any time soon. πŸ™‚ After the caverns we stopped at some local cliffs that are super picturesque.

That’s me and my college roomie being nuts while everyone else posed like a normal person. See the view behind us though? so pretty.

We stopped by a local alpaca farm (I still don’t know why… this was the most random thing ever).

The hubby fed some alpacas.

We spent Saturday evening cooking out, drinking, playing more taboo and getting our campfire rained out. Sunday we said goodbye and headed home.

I’m so lucky to have such a great group of friends that I can do this yearly with. It was a blast!


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