11 Aug

It was a looong day at work yesterday. It just seemed to drag on and on.

When we got home I felt like my evening was so open because I went for a run in the morning! I got back in exercise clothes and did Abs, Arms and Squats. Dinner was vegetarian sloppy joes. We used Morningstar beef crumbles and Simply Organic Sloppy Joe mix. Just follow the instructions on the mix packet (you need tomato paste, water and onions optionally) and it takes about 10 minutes. Serve on a bun (sandwich thins work too) and done! Don’t have a picture, sorry, we ate too fast. I heated up some fresh corn on the cob on the side – yum!

For dessert I made 2 smores in the microwave using leftovers from our trip to the cabin. Apparently it was National S’more day so my timing was perfect! I love smores but only have them occasionally because I’d be eating them all the time if I had the ingredients on hand!

They taste pretty good in the microwave but there’s nothing like the taste of the smoke being infused in the marshmallows from a good camp fire. 🙂


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