Snakes on a run

12 Aug

I got off of work at 11am today and headed straight to the bank and Michael’s to take care of some stuff. When I was at Michaels I came across these:

Halloween decorations! For real?! It’s mid August. I’m not ready to think about mid-fall yet, sorry. Then I turned the corner and saw these:

Now that is just absurd. I am in no way ready to think about CHRISTMAS thankyouverymuch. It’s 70 degrees out! Sometimes I feel like stores really rush the holidays which makes it hard to enjoy the present.

Lunch today was at the Olive Garden with my brother and grandmother.  It’s tough to eat healthy there with their awesome breadsticks. 🙂 After lunch I went home to digest and clean up the apartment some.

Once I felt my lunch was more or less settled I set out to do a 60 minute run.  I found a new path near by and followed it 30 minutes out and 30 minutes back. The new route kept it interesting for sure! I ran into my very first snake while running. It was black, long, and icky. Thank god there was someone on the path that pointed it out to me. It definitely made me pick up my pace though – instant speedwork I guess, haha. On the rest of my run every stick I ran near looked like a snake – I was sooo paranoid. I got back after an hour, hot, sweaty and tired – perfect!

Dinner was Thai with my parents and brother. I had Penang curry, veggie style. YUM. Again, not the healthiest but I ran close to 5 miles so I think I earned it. 🙂

I’m off to get some things together for the weekend. I probably won’t be checking in until Monday. Enjoy your weekend!


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