I need a break

15 Aug

For the past five weekends I have been super duper busy. House shopping for a day, a trip to South NJ, a trip to Philly, a weekend at the cabin and a trip to North NJ. This weekend promises to be no different.

Most of it has been fun stuff – seeing family, seeing friends, parties. But I feel like I am ready to jump out of my skin. I am going crazy. I’m exhausted. I’m a complain-y.

To make matters more crazy, we have no vacation planned until the end of October. Until then its just crazy busy weekends on the ends of full work weeks.

And even though my current work schedule lets me alternate between having Friday’s off and working half a day on Friday, I spend that free time running errands, getting groceries, running, cleaning and doing laundry. Not exactly relaxing or rejuvenating.

So I’ve decided that this Friday, which I have a full day free from work, I am doing NOTHING. I’m going to sleep in and then I’m going to be lazy all day. T-4 days and counting.

3 Responses to “I need a break”


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