Weekend in review – chillin in a creek

22 Aug

This weekend was the perfect mix of relaxation and doing stuff. 🙂

Friday I spent the day doing almost nothing, as planned. I got in a 75 minute run, did a few things around the apartment, but mostly I relaxed. It was great.

Saturday I went to visit my brother in a neighboring town. He’s currently working on his clinicals to become an Occupational Therapist. We spent the day at a creek in a state park, just sitting and talking. It was so nice, the fresh water felt so refreshing on my feet! I got back around 8pm and the hubby and I made a quick wegmans run for dinner – I was craving avacado sushi!

Sunday morning was the first weekend morning that I’ve been able to just sleep in for a while. And I did – until 10am. 🙂 After slowly rolling out of bed I made some Kodiak Cakes breakfast for the hubby and I for breakfast. Lunch was at our favorite local spot that is know for it’s local ingredients and fresh food. I have a few gift cards so the meal cost us nothing but a $4 tip. I ate from their fresh bar – the star was definitly the garlic baked potato soup. delish! After we got home from lunch I read, caught up on my hulu queue, and made some kale chips!

I actually made “chips” out of some other greens I had in the fridge (I forget what they were) and they tasted great seasoned and baked with the kale. I also snuck in a run but was side lined with some of the worst. cramps. ever. It was the first time I’ve ever felt like I was going to get sick when I was running until then. I ended up only getting a mile done, and walking for the second mile and a half. But considering I had no run planned, I’ll take it! Dinner was some leftovers, and we met my parents for ice cream in the evening. Chocolate Chip Brownie Dough ice cream for the win!

This morning it was back to the grind of work. Breakfast was lemon chobani with some granola on top.

I was on a major greek yogurt kick for about a year and all of a sudden got sick of it. So I’ve been eating bagels, eggs, cereal, for a while. When I went to the grocery store last week I saw the Chobani and suddenly got a craving again. Greek yogurt fills me up more than anything.

After work I got in a 30 minute run. The weather was so perfect, I was flying! It was low 70s, slight breeze, sunny but never in my eyes. I was going so fast, I felt great. I love runs like that.

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    […] As I mentioned previously I’m kind of on a yogurt kick again, but honestly, I think I’m on a lemon yogurt kick. (yellow wouldn’t show up, so orange text it is, you get my point.) Something about that lemon yogurt with vanilla granola reminds me of a pastry, or pie. Blueberry this morning just didn’t cut it. […]

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