Thankful Thursday: no garmin

25 Aug

I’m thankful for the amazing Vadalia Onion salad dressing I have on my salad today for lunch. Whoever thought of it is GENUIS.

salad dressingy goodness

I’m thankful for Pinterest. It’s given me so many great recipe ideas and a place to store them all. Black bean taquitos? Yum. Sugar cookie balls? YUM.

I’m thankful that I finally stopped procrastinating and booked a haircut. My hair is so long. and so uneven. and the ends are beyond messy. I haven’t gotten my hair cut since…February? I think? It might have been longer ago than that.

I’m thankful that I thought to run without my Garmin last night. I ran super fast down the hills, super slow up them, and took an extended walking break to explore the woods nearby. And I have no idea how long I ran, or how far. And that’s fine.

I’m thankful for my kitties. They show their unconditional love no matter what. There are so many mornings that I wish I could just stay home and be lazy with them instead of do the work thing. (I think this is their first time on the blog.)

This is Gelsey


This is Geisha. and that mess behind her is not mine.

What are you thankful for today?


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