The pittsburgh way

29 Aug

I hope your weekend was fun and dry! We had very little rain – we’re inland enough that Irene really didn’t hit us.

Saturday we spent at a friends baby shower. It was fun. They had lots of awesome food – sushi, spring rolls (vegetarian ones too!), vegetarian dumplings, yum. The hubby and I were in heaven. In the evening we really just chilled. I made a double batch of Sugar Cookie Dough Balls and then we watched the Steelers preseason game. The highlight was eating dinner – homemade “Primanti Brothers” sandwiches! They’re so easy to make!

We just toasted up some nice thick hamburger rolls. We melted a slice provalone of provalone on them while they were in the toaster oven. I picked up some delicious coleslaw at the grocery store friday, and then we baked up some Alexia crinkle fries. Put it all together and you’ve got some serious deliciousness. And they taste pretty close to the original Primanti Bros sandwiches you can find in Pittsburgh!

Yesterday I woke up to do a long run, and noticed it was pouring outside and my head felt like a congested balloon. So I went back to bed and slept until 10:30. 🙂 You gotta do what you gotta do! 🙂 Then the hubby and I spent a few hours going through our fridge, chopping veggies and cooking some things to eat through out the week – mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, etc. I love when we spend time on Sunday doing this because it makes meal prep for the rest of the week super easy! Naturally, I snacked on a bunch of sugar cookie balls 🙂

We spent the evening eating dinner with my parents – they cooked out so I had a smart dog, some Asian slaw that my mom makes (its awesome), corn on the cob and a few other things. Dessert was brownies a la mode. and more sugar cookie balls. duh.

It’s back to the grind today, but it’s already lunch time. Today is flyin!


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