Hunger Monster

30 Aug

Wow Monday flew by!

I’m proud to say that I got a 5 mile run in yesterday after work. The weather was my ideal running weather: low sun, low seventies, a little breeze, so I took advantage of it and tried to kind of make up for my lack of a long run this weekend.

I flew through my run, and my legs had a lot of energy. I spent about a third of it hovering between a 9:30 and 10:30 pace. Now I am slow. so 10:30 is something I see very occasionally on my garmin. But 9:30?! I don’t think my garmin has ever had to show those numbers before. But I just went with it, even though I did have to eventually slow down and take a few walk breaks. It was fun to go that fast for a little while!

Today my legs feel super tired though. Must have been that speed stuff. 🙂

Breakfast was lemon chobani + Kashi go lean crunch.

I snacked on an apple mid way though the morning, and then on some more of my moms homemade asian slaw. I might have snacked on a Sugar Cookie Dough ball too.  I had a serious hunger monster in my body this moring. Lunch was a yummy grilled cheese from a local restaurant. It’s nice to finally feel full!


We’re picking up our CSA after work today and then I’m going to get a little sweaty with some Abs Arms & Squats. Enjoy your Tuesday!


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    […] and starting a job) convinced us to all go out and grab dinner. We ended up going to the same place that I got lunch at yesterday. I wasn’t going to put up a fight though because it is super good. I wanted something light […]

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