Half Training: Week 4

5 Sep

I did much better this week – mostly by finally getting my butt to heated yoga! My goal is to make it there weekly because I know it will only help my running. I still took an unscheduled rest day on Thursday. I usually feel tired and overwhelmed by wednesday/thursday that I end up taking a rest day. I need to get past that though because ideally I’d like to just have one rest day a week (a weekend day). This week I was having some… womanly discomfort so I bagged my run. I’m bummed I only got in two runs – ideally I’d get in four runs week. The yoga through off my running schedule so I’m going to work to get that all back on track this week.

30 minute run (scheduled).

EA active abs arms and squats workout (scheduled).

HOT YOGA for a little over an hour! Loved the sweat!

 Unscheduled rest day. I was having some womanly woes and just felt awful all day.

90 minute run (scheduled).

EA active abs arms and squats workout (unscheduled).

Scheduled rest day.


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