Rain rain go away

6 Sep

It’s raining like crazy here. And from the look of the forecast for the week its going to keep raining. At least it’s a short work week!

Here’s a not-long long weekend recap in bullet form 🙂


  • Worked 1/2 a day
  • 90 minute long run
  • Grocery shopping
  • A mystery CSA veggie


  • Lots of relaxation
  • Chocolate chip kodiak cakes
  • Peanut butter marshmallow squares
  • Abs, Arms & Squats
  • Blush wine
  • Bathroom cleaning (ew)


  • My brother’s graduation party
  • Lots of Riesling. lots.
  • Lots of cake too.
  • Great times with family and friends


  • 30 minute run and Abs, Arms & Squats
  • Lunch for my Grandma’s birthday – I got a Gardenburger, it was awesome.
  • More cake.

Today, I slept through my alarm – whoops. Guess the later mornings from the weekend were becoming a habit. 🙂

Lunch today is a mish mash to try to clean out our fridge. We have lots of leftovers from the weekend. A red delicious apple, cantaloupe, two smart dogs with mustard (leftovers from my brothers graduation party), CSA salad with onion salad dressing and a piece of cookie cake (also left over from my brothers graduation party).

After work we’re going to the bank to get pre-approved for a mortgage – we’ve already been pre-approved once but we’re shopping around to get the best rate. 🙂 After that I’m hoping to get a 30 minute run in.

Enjoy your Tuesday!


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