14 Sep

I hope your Wednesday is going well – it’s hump day! Things have been a little crazybusy the past few days, thus my lack of posting.

A recap –

Monday after work I went to the dermatologist about the acne I’ve been struggling with for about a year. It’s on my shoulders, chest, back and neck which made it superfun to deal with in the summer. She prescribed a cream, an antibiotic and gave me some recommendations for cleansing routines. I was pretty impressed and glad when she said she wanted to schedule a follow-up in a few months to see how everything is doing.

After the dermatologist I stopped by our favorite organic store to pick up some bulk quiona and then stopped into a local lab to get follow up bloodwork done. My PCP asked me to do it after a few previous results that she assumes are false positives. We will see I guess.

After getting bloodwork done I stopped by a store to refill some make up stuff – and ended up scoring on a free giveaway! I never seem to time those things right. From the store I went to another store to pick up some bodyglide. I’ve been having some unusual chafing so I wanted to give it a shot.

Whew. Talk about a crazy evening! But when I got home I was greeted with this in the mail:

My car title! Yay for getting it paid off!!

I went for a scheduled 30 minute run and tried out my new bodyglide – it worked like a charm. It really creates a barrier between your skin and other skin/clothing/the elements/whatever.

Dinner was something quick, I can’t remember.

So that was my Monday.

Yesterday at work was crazy busy. and I went and got my flu shot over lunch. I think I’ve had enough needles for the week thank you.

After work I went almost straight to heated yoga. The session went long which was good but also kind of messed up my schedule for the rest of the night. After yoga I was a sweaty mess and ran to pick up my dermatologist prescription. They didn’t have it ready so I had to kill some time browsing the grocery store – not fun when I was starving and smelly. Luckily I didn’t buy anything – though the chips at the check-out were definitely tempting me.

I got home close to 8pm, the hubby made a quick dinner while I showered my grossness off – vegetarian sloppy joes. Always a winner in my book. After eating, doing dishes and getting my lunch together for today (which sucks because I just wanted to get it done last night) I had maybe half an hour to chill in front of the TV but also had to multi-task and pay some bills. meh. Then to bed it was!

So here we are on Wednesday, and I’m feeling pretty frazzled. Luckily a lot of things are checked off my to do list but tonight I’ve got to pack, go and get a bridesmaid dress pinned to be hemmed and I’d love to squeeze in a last run before the 10k this weekend. The hubby says I should not try to squeeze in a run tonight because I’ll go crazy. we will see I guess. But there will probably be no time for blogging. In fact I’m not sure I’ll have much time before the race on saturday. But I’ll try.

In the meantime I’ll be starting to drink a ton of water and getting mentally ready, and not running (at least not after today if I’m lucky enough to squeeze one in today).


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