Thankful Thursday: Race Related

15 Sep

I’m thankful that today is my friday. T-4.5 hours til I’m out of here for the week!

I’m thankful for the oooey gooey Amy’s mac and cheese that I brought for lunch today. The weather is cold and rainy (still…) and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I’m also thankful for my foresight to pack two(!) bottles of water today. The water fountain water doesn’t taste right and I need to hydrate, pronto!

I’m thankful I managed to get everything doneΒ yesterday (except for running)Β  that I needed to get done.

I’m thankful that I’m all packed and ready to go for my 10k on Saturday.

I’m REALLY thankful that my project manager scheduled an off site meeting from 2pm on today that we’re thinking won’t last much longer than an hour and we can just go right home when it’s over. It makes my 3 day weekend even sweeter.

I probably won’t have time to check in tomorrow, or saturday (race day!) or sunday. So expect to hear from me Monday with a full recap.

Have a good Thursday, Friday and weekend! πŸ™‚


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