20 Sep

Happy Tuesday!

I took a running rest day yesterday to give myself an extra day to recover from the US Air Force 10k before getting back into training. I spent the evening catching up on laundry, going grocery shopping and watching The Sing Off. It was a nice evening off. 🙂

I’ve also been drinking a lot of tea. Not sure why, I’ve just been craving it. And it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside which is nice.

I also added a ton of goodies to my snack drawer stash at work. That’s one of the best parts about races – their free snacky swag. Perfect for 3pm cravings at work.


Breakfast today was a greek yogurt with some Kashi Go Lean Crisp (trying to use it up, it’s not my favorite, ugh).  I can’t seem to get back fully on the greek yogurt wagon, something about the texture is bothering me lately.

Lunch is an egg salad wrap, some type of organic chips that I forget the brand of (I got samples in my race bag this weekend and bought a full bag at the store last night – marketing at its best), and a green and red salad that looks christmas-y. Oh and it was all in my lunch cube! The lunch cube makes lunch so much more fun.

The plan today is to bang out 30 minutes of running after we pick up our CSA after work. I’m hoping the rain holds out (the weather here has been really random lately), though if it doesn’t I’ll get to try out the snazzy new hat I got at the Air Force 10k in the race bag.


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    […] today is egg salad on whole wheat, a green apple and the same chips I brought yesterday. The most boring lunch ever. Heated Yoga tonight! As long as my nausea doesn’t return at […]

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