Thankful Thursday: yay compression!

29 Sep

I’m thankful that the confusion with my Zensha Compression sleeves got worked out (it was an error with apparently) and I ordered the right thing and they are being shipped to me! Estimated delivery sometime between today and Monday. YAY compression!

I’m thankful for leftovers. My lunch is completely random and the parts probably don’t fit together well but there’s something about leftovers that make me feel all warm and cozy and home-y inside.

stuffed pepper, celery + PB, crockpot potato soup, eggsalad over lettuce

I’m thankful that I baked sugar cookie balls last night! I can’t wait to eat a few after my warm, cozy, home-y lunch.


I’m thankful that Reebok has to pay $25 million for false advertising with their EasyTone products. Yes, maybe I’m happy for their companies misfortune but it annoys the crap out of me when companies market something and mislead consumers that way. Their commercials are horrible (when did it become okay to zoom in on a models butt?) and I would hope many people thought they were ridiculous from the start, but I really feel that companies need to take responsibility for things like this. I’m just waiting for the injury claims to start rolling in…

I’m thankful for my brita water bottle. I’m on my third bottle-ful already and it seems to be filtering out the grossness of the water fountain water.

the one on the left - old picture, sorry

I’m thankful that some “womanly woes” I was experiencing last night seem to be subsiding so I should feel fine to run 10 miles after work today…I just hope the weather holds out.

What are you thankful for today?


2 Responses to “Thankful Thursday: yay compression!”


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