Weekday 10 miler: check!

30 Sep

10 miles is done and done. At 5pm yesterday my dad and I laced up and out we went for about 2 hours of running. I don’t know what it was but the run felt easy and I felt great the entire time. I love when that happens!

And we cut 5 minutes off of our time from Saturday so I’ll take that as a major bonus!

I hope the half feels as easy and comfortable as yesterday did.

To be honest, I’m pretty shocked it felt that easy. After a full day of work I thought my legs would be dragging but surprisingly they weren’t. I ran without my Garmin too – only with my watch. That seemed to help me not analyze my pace constantly and prevented me from feeling like I was going “too slow” like I always do. Maybe I’m onto something here…

When I came home I was greeted with a little package – my compression sleeves came! I got a pair of these.

After my shower I put them on and wore them all night while I slept (it’s okay to wear them that long right?)

Here’s an awkward picture of what they look like:

When I took them off this morning my legs felt like brand new. Well still tired, but they didn’t ache and hurt like they normally do for anything over 9 miles.

I’m off to work for a few hours before running some errands and heading out for the weekend – I’ve got some fun stuff planned this weekend. So I’ll check in on Monday probably.

Have a great weekend!


3 Responses to “Weekday 10 miler: check!”

  1. amanda @ There Are 2 Sides October 2, 2011 at 9:11 pm #

    When I wore my sleeves at night I woke up the next morning and my feet were HUGE and swollen…so I don’t wear them when I sleep anymore!

    • Becca October 3, 2011 at 12:16 pm #

      Good to know! I didn’t have that issue but I’ll make sure not to wear them for *too* long.


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