Biscoff spread + sugar cookie ball

5 Oct

Happy hump day! half way there.

As I said I would, I went for a run yesterday. 25 minutes or so – I’m not totally sure. and I just wore my watch, not my garmin so I’m not sure of the full distance. I really need to figure out how to wear my garmin and not obsess over my pace at every second. I want to wear it for the half but don’t want it to mess with my head.

After running, dinner last night was what the hubby and I called Pittsburgh Salads. We have a thing for pittsburgh based foods I guess. The salads are simple – romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing and french fries! 🙂 The fries make it a little more fun.

Fun fact: in college in the dining hall they used to have chicken salad with french fries a couple times a week and the line was always out of control. I almost always got one when they served it, though now I’d ask for no chicken since I’ve since changed my meat-eating ways. The other big thing was chicken tender wraps, my roommate was obsessed with them, I could kind of take them or leave them.

I also made some couscous on the side because it looked good when I grocery shopped last week and picked it up. I don’t know what brand it was but it was super easy to make (you just bring it to a boil, then remove it from the heat and let it sit for 5 minutes) and it tasted and smelled really really good. It was a nice side for the salad.

After dinner I tried something awesome:

I dipped the remaining sugar cookie ball in a little bit of biscoff spread. YUM. I bet it tastes a lot like the recipes that were written for frosting for the sugar cookie balls.

I also ate another spoonful of biscoff spread straight from the jar. it. was. awesome.

I kept thinking about getting another spoonful all night but managed to resist it and got distracted when the hubby and I spent like two hours trying to open a backup from his iPod that had all of these notes and fun things we wrote down from our honeymoon (almost a year ago). Seriously though, it’s so addicting, what do they put in it?!

On a  more boring note, lunch is Annies bernie Os, some of the leftover couscous, a fuji apple and some organic cheeto type things.I’m starting to run out of groceries so boring canned soup it was!

Hot yoga is planned for tonight, I’m pretty psyched.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


2 Responses to “Biscoff spread + sugar cookie ball”

  1. amanda @ There Are 2 Sides October 5, 2011 at 8:56 pm #

    I have had a Biscoff Spread binge before that resulted in half the jar. No shit. It was a guilt maker!

  2. caloricandcrazy December 4, 2011 at 11:32 pm #

    Biscoff spread = LOVE. I have a jar that I’m gonna post about in my next post. The stuff is just amazingness 🙂

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