Friday apples

7 Oct

Friday Friday Friday! I hope your weekend is off to a good start!

I had the day off of work today so I spent the day running a lot of errands all day. I started the day by getting my eyebrows done (I’m still red, ugh) and picking up Geisha’s special perscription cat food at the vet.

Then I made a special trip to a local farm. I haven’t been there in years but I wanted to pick up some of their awesome apple cider and some apples. Check out all these apples I got!

I got all of those apples for only $4.00! And the cider was $2.50. Pretty good deals for local, fresh food! For the apples they have bags of different sizes for varying prices and basically you just fill up a bag and pay per the bag. I got the smallest bag and since the apples are a smaller size I was able to get a ton. It’s mix and match too so I got some Gala, Red Delicious, Macintosh and something else I can’t remember. I ate one already and it was so sweet and perfect!

After going to the fruit farm I went to the first of my two lunch dates. I ended up with two lunch dates because I asked my grandma early in the week if she wanted to grab lunch on my day off, and then I got an email at work about a lunch celebrating my coworkers last day. I didn’t want to cancel my lunch with my grandma and I didn’t want to miss seeing my coworker so two lunches it was! ย But knowing this, I went in with a plan, sort of.

First up was Olive Garden with my grandma and brother. We all got the never ending pasta bowl thing. I picked that option on the menu because they give smaller portions of pasta (since they encourage you to get more than one bowl). But I figured one bowl of pasta would be perfect for lunch #1. So I just got a small bowl of penne alfredo, ate a breadstick, and had half a bowl of ministrone soup.

Lunch #2 was at a local brewery. I initially had thought of just ordering something to drink while everyone else ate but I figured that would be a little bit weird. So instead I ordered a small side house salad with their house vinagerette. I left lunch #2 feeling pretty comfortably full so I figure I did pretty good considering the weird situation I was in.

After my lunches I made a quick stop by the bank and then the grocery store. I got home around 2:30. It was a long day of running around but I do love crossing things off my to do list so I strangly enjoyed it.

On a random note, the hubby got a new pair of running shoes in the mail and Gelsey quickly got comfortable in the shoe box.

Shes WAY too big for the box so she looked so funny when she was in it.

Dinner today was some enchiladas my mom made for us – we just had to pop them in the oven.

Dessert was two scoops of peanut butter swirl ice cream. And yes that’s Biscoff Spread on the side. It tasted awesome swirled into the ice cream.

I’m off to watch this weeks episode of Grey’s Anatomy with a glass of Reisling and maybe an apple. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a good friday night!

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