Foggy Morning

11 Oct

I hope your Tuesday was a good one!

It was super foggy this morning – check out the view from my cube window! craziness!

Backing up, after work yesterday I had a pretty awesome 30 minute run. The temperature was perfect, the sun was partially cloud covered. It was just good. It was my last run until the race on Sunday so I was glad it was a good one to start geting me pumped up!

Dinner was shell pasta with canned fettucini sauce. I ate a ton. My stomach felt bottomless. Oh well, carb loading right?

I spent the evening prepping dinner for tonight and watching The Sing Off.

Dinner tonight is a variation of the stuffed peppers we made a few weeks ago. This time I stuffed them with a mixture of rice, black beans & chili powder and layered the rice mixture with mexican shredded cheese. We’ll probably add a little salsa on top of them before they go in the oven. yum! I love stuffed peppers.

It’s rest day today on the exercise front. I see plenty of relaxation in my future.


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