Maple nut oatmeal

12 Oct

Ew it’s still rainy and foggy outside. Not fun.

Last night after eating our awesome stuffed peppers (they came out great!) I went to pick up a dress for a wedding I am in this November.  I just had to get it hemmed because I’m really short. I was excited because I got to wear the shoes I bought for the wedding again!


The bride told us to pick out any black shoe. I immediately decided on flats – I have ankle issues when I wear heels – and found these on for a good price. I’m excited because I’ll be able to wear them to work after the wedding too.

Breakfast was a packet of Nature’s Path Maple Nut instant oatmeal. It was okay. I had to add water and microwave it so it came out kind of thick – I’ll try adding more water next time. There also weren’t any nuts in it (as shown in the photo). Oh well.

Lunch is an egg white salad on a multi-grain sandwich thin, csa veggies with salad dressing, an apple from the fruit farm and a nutella cupcake.

I’ve also finished up a 32 ouncer of some store brand gatorade to keep up the hydration. This afternoon I’ll be working through my 32 oz Nalgene full of water. 🙂 T-4 days til race day!

The hubby is going to be out with friends this evening so I think I may be picking up some pizza or something for myself. I’m craving it a lot right now. hmm.


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