Thankful Thursday: Race stuff & a dishwasher

13 Oct

I hope your Thursday was great. Nothing too exciting has been going on here – just lots of hyrdrating and getting mentally prepped for Sundays half.

I did have a pretty random/interesting meal for dinner last night since the hubby was out.

It was a dinner of mostly leftovers – 1 1/2 enchiladas, 1/4th of a grilled cheese and some rice pilaf I made quickly. talk about random! it filled me up and cleaned out some of the fridge though, so I call it a success.

Another random tid bit – someone found my blog by searching for gatorade cupcakes. Is there really a recipe for gatorade cupcakes somewhere? that sounds… interesting.

Now onto thankful thurday!

I’m thankful for paper and pens. I have been a list making machine trying cover everything I need to pack for the race. I really should just make one list and reuse it since it’s the same every time..

I’m thankful for my cheap store brand gatorade. It actually tastes better than the name brand stuff and at 79c each it doesn’t cost too much when I need to drink a ton before race day to hydrate up.I’m thankful for my kitties. They can be little attention seeking annoyances but petting them reduces stress and anxiety – I like that. Except I don’t like when Gelsey bites my hand when I’m on my laptop and she wants me to pet her…not that that’s happening right. this. second. or anything.

I’m thankful for my dishwasher. We had a ton of dishes with dinner tonight, thank GOODNESS I do not have to wash those suckers by hand.

I’m thankful that my job currently has a flexible schedule. So I could easily take tomorrow off to chill out and pack for the race.

I’m assuming I’ll check in tomorrow, but if not I’ll see you after race day (Sunday) with a quick recap.


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