Wednesday Randoms

19 Oct

Sorry I didn’t check in yesterday. I just didn’t have anything interesting to say.

I also promise to get my race report up soon – I’ve been lazy, but I finally have photos and my official time (which wasn’t too great) and all that stuff.

1) I spent most of monday at work in my Zensha sleeves. My legs hurt BAD. I’ll say it again – stupid hills.My calves, quads and IT band were on fire all day. I walked like I was 90 and took an elevator whenever I could.

2) Luckily on Tuesday my mom (who is a PT assistant) showed me the glory and pain of the foam roller.(source)

That picture is not of mine – mine’s boring and white. Anyhow I used it on my calves, quads and IT band on my one leg and it helped a lot! But it hurt a lot too. I did it again yesterday and it helped a ton and hurt a ton again. so I’m (almost) pain free when I walk now.

3) I finally won a blog contest! I never win those things. Erin was having a contest giving away a box of granola from Nuts about Granola and somehow my number was picked and I won. Yay! The box came on monday and it had 6 little bags of granola. I love the little bags! Great for taking with you in a pinch. I’m excited to try it out. No photo sorry.

4) We are T-3 days til the hubby and I go to paradise to celebrate our first anniversary!I can’t wait to relax!!

5) My lunches this week have been of the clean-out-the-perishables-before-we-go-on-vacay type. Mexican leftovers on monday, chinese leftovers on tuesday, and a wrap of cheese and black beans today. Not that exciting or photo worthy.

6) I don’t know if I’m creative enough to have pre-written posts lined up while I’m gone like some bloggers do. I may have one or two but that’ll probably be it.

Enjoy your wednesday!


One Response to “Wednesday Randoms”

  1. amanda @ There Are 2 Sides October 20, 2011 at 6:19 pm #

    I LOVE my foam roller~helps in so many ways~!

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