Anniversary Celebrations Part One

2 Nov

The night before we left for Mexico to celebrate our anniversary we had a few other exciting activities planned.

Coincidentally Jerry Seinfeld was coming to town that evening. The hubby is a huge fan of his and has been his whole life, so when tickets went on sale in September we jumped to get them. I really like Jerry’s sense of humor -he keeps it clean and doesn’t pick up race, gender or minorities, and he jokes about things that I think everyone thinks about at some time in their life. My favorite joke was “marriage is like a chess game where the board is floating on water, the pieces disappear and the moves you make don’t matter”.

It was a good show and pretty surreal to see him in person. He even did a Q&A session at the end where people asked whatever they felt like asking. This was a really neat idea and not something I’ve seen many comedians do.

After getting home from the show we dug into our last piece of wedding cake. We only saved one piece from the top tier because we knew it wouldn’t taste too great and we wanted to enjoy it when we got back from the honeymoon.

Here’s a picture of our wedding cake.

Our slice tasted very moist and we actually ate it all. The frosting had lost a little bit of its sweetness. And the bite of purple fondant tasted good as new. I’m a big fondant fan. 🙂

After eating our cake we double checked our luggage and hit the hay for an early wake up call to the airport with Mexico as our final destination.


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