Thankful Thursdays: weekend, shutterfly and hubby

10 Nov

Ugh. Reeeaaally not in the mood for Thankful Thursdays today, but I guess that’s why I set this little challenge up for myself huh?

I’m thankful that its almost the weekend. This week has been long and emotionally draining. Bring on the weekend.

I’m thankful that I’ve been able to kind of get back into the running/exercise/eating okay thing. Unfortunately I’m going to miss Zumba tomorrow but I’ve run twice this week, am planning on some heated yoga tonight, and squeezing in an early morning run (hopefully…) tomorrow. It feels good.

I’m thankful for shutterfly. I printed a ton of updated photos from my half marathons and brought them to work to put up in my cube. They make me happy and motivate me when I glance at them throughout the day.

I’m still thankful that my job switched to full time last week. Bring on the paid vacation time!!

I’m thankful for the hubby helping me with car stuff. Yesterday we put air in my tires and it was SO much easier to have him there to help than it would have been if I did it alone.

I feel a little bit better I suppose.


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